BCplus Solutions Ltd. know that the primary factor that drives companies to implement or upgrade an IT system (such as DBMS, ERP System, and Data Warehouse) is to increase profit in one or more of different ways.

Increasing revenue by

  • Conducting better financial and accounting management
  • Executing the right marketing plans to specific target market segments
  • Designing/offering better products that fit customers' needs
  • Providing better customer services
  • Uncovering unknown business opportunities
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Remaining flexible in adopting changes
  • And more ...

Decreasing cost by

  • Allocating resources more effectively and efficiently
  • Establishing better relationships with suppliers
  • Reducing the cost of payroll
  • Having accurate and timely inventory information
  • Processing transactions in a efficient and timely manner
  • Having better project management
  • Adopting new technologies
    Having better asset management
  • And more ...

As a professional consulting firm, our mission is to provide solutions that turn our customers' raw data into useful information that can help improve profitability through maximizing their return on investment (ROI) on the data they gather and store in their database systems. Our proactive implementation approach, which emphasizes being business-oriented, customer-oriented, cost and time efficient, system effective, and risk mitigated, is one that guarantees that BCplus Solutions delivers unique professional solutions and services to our customers.


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